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GoPolice.org | The future of community policing. 

What is the GoPolice Search Engine?

GoPolice.org is an easy to use search engine that is specific to law enforcement agencies who participate in the nationwide OPS Network and are committed to community policing partnerships.


Easy Search Engine

Find your local, state or federal OPS Network agency from any device in seconds. No complicated searches or advertisements.


Simple Results

No digging for results due to click bait or advertisements. Clean, simple and fast results.

Community Driven

All listed agencies are part of the Nationwide OPS Network, which means  they are committed to community partnership.

From any device.

By typing GoPolice.org in any device, you will instantly have access to your local, state and federal partners in community oriented policing. No matter if you are on the road, in the office, in school or at home, you will always have instant access to your OPS Network™ law enforcement agencies.

It is a Partnership Across the Board.

The OPS Network™ is a proprietary nationwide law enforcement and community policing network focused solely on creating a gateway and partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

Learn more about the OPS Network and how your local law enforcement agency can participate in this community policing partnership.

"From anywhere, anytime, I am always connected to my community policing law enforcement agency."

– GoPolice User

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